The Four Myers-Briggs Preference Pairs


Gets energy from the outer world of people and experiences. Focuses energy and attention outwards in action.


Gets energy from the inner world of reflections and thoughts. Focuses energy and attention inwards in reflection.

Opposite ways to direct and receive energy


Prefers real information coming from the five senses. Focuses on what is real.


Prefers information coming from associations. Focuses on possibilities and what might be.

Opposite ways to take in information


Steps out of situations to analyze them dispassionately. Prefers to make decisions on the basis of objective logic.


Steps into situations to weigh human values and motives. Prefers to make decisions on the basis of values.

Opposite ways to decide and come to conclusions


Prefers to live life in a planned and organized manner. Enjoys coming to closure and making a decision.


Prefers to live life in a spontaneous and adaptable way. Enjoys keeping options open.

Opposite ways to approach the outside world